Interior Rejuvenation Service

The Interior Rejuvenation Service is the interior only portion of our “Showroom Shine” full detail. It is designed for vehicles that need a little more attention than a basic interior cleaning. All interior surfaces, parts, and crevices are cleaned and properly dressed to restore your vehicle back to its original condition. The results will amaze you.

Complete Interior Vacuum
Includes floors, seats, trunk, and all cracks / crevices

Heated Shampooing of Carpets, Seat Upholstery, and Floor Mats
All are shampooed and scrubbed then heated to remove ground in dirt and stains

Headliner Cleaned
Spots, splashes, and stains removed from interior ceiling

Interior Plastic / Vinyl Cleaned and Dressed
Including dash, center console, all dials / gauges, cup holders, vents, and door panels

Leather Cleaned and Conditioned Dirt, oils, and stains removed with Meguiar’s Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Cleaning of all Mirrors and Windows
Clear and streak-free

Interior Air Freshener
Choose from several mild pleasing scents

*Price of vehicle may vary based on size and condition
**Excessive pet hair or severe odor removal may result in additional charges

Recommended Additional Services
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