Paint Correction

Our Paint Correction service is the ultimate next step in reconditioning your vehicle's paint. Over time your vehicle can accumulate imperfections such as; swirl marks, oxidation, scratches, water spots, paint transfers, and general scuff marks. All these conditions can detract your vehicle's paint and finish from its original beauty. By repairing over 90% of these conditions, our Paint Correction service can effectively restore that like new beauty; even on those hard to manage black and red vehicles.

Since every vehicle's needs are unique, our Paint Correction service incorporates an effective combination of techniques and products to ensure the highest quality paint restoration. First, your vehicle is thoroughly washed to remove all the built up dirt and grime. Next, the surface is "clay barred" to remove surface contaminates; leaving the surface ultra smooth. Once the surface is fully prepped, the real deep cleaning can begin. On Site Mobile Detailers utilizes high speed and D.A (Dual Action) buffers in conjunction with varying levels of compounds to deep clean the paint and remove its imperfections. Then the paint is polished to restore its original brilliant mirror-like reflectivity. Finally, two coats of synthetic sealant are applied to protect your newly restored paint from the elements for up to a year.

The results will amaze you. Never again will you be disappointed by the unsightly look of your vehicle’s damaged paint. One call to On Site Mobile Detailers and your vehicle will turn heads once again with its flawless beauty and brilliant shine.

Price By Estimate only:

Estimated time to complete: 4-10 hours